What are the pros and cons of selling a car to the dealer?

What are the pros and cons of selling a car to the dealer?

We all have some emotions attached to our car and something selling is the only option we are left with. You have two options to begin the selling of your car either you can do it online or sell it to a dealership.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of selling it to a dealer


● Consumes less time

Selling it to a dealer consumes less amount of time and also dealers put efforts in making the process as fast as they can in order to close the deal.

● No hassle with Documentation

Dealer deal with all the paperwork which means you don’t have to face the trouble everything is handled by them.

● Savings on the Tax amount

You can also save the money on the tax amount if you buy the new car along with selling the used one.

● Down-Payment

The money which you have received from trading in the vehicle can be used as a source of the down payment for the new car.

● Protection against every odds

Selling the car to dealer ensures proper legal protection if in case any uncertainties take place in the future.


● Retaining less money on selling

You will retain a lesser amount while selling it to the dealer as they deal in used cars and provide the wholesale price which is the loss on your part.

● Providing attractive offers

Salesperson lures you in your trap as they are trained professionals whose main purpose is to generate the sell.

● The dealership does not approve the trade-in

There are chances when the dealership does not want to take your used vehicle or they are offering very which is like downgrading the value of the vehicle.

● Maintenance on the car is not considerable

Dealers never consider the amount which you have invested in the car maintenance whether it’s a change in tires, repair work. They will provide you the deal which is perfect according to them.