Dealership Locator's History

Buying a car is no small endeavor, but it’s often hampered by competing advertisements, bad links, and forms that lead to who knows where. To make this process easier for shoppers and to increase conversions for dealers, we’ve come up with Auto Dealer Locator. Our website has zero ads and does not collect customer information. Instead, all we do is list nearby dealerships according to brand so that customers can browse through dealer’s inventory on their website without being harassed. In turn, sales teams benefit from direct contact with potential buyers. If they fill out a form, it’s only the one on the dealer’s website. That way, dealerships don’t have to worry about sharing information with the competition anymore, either. Plus, it increases the showroom’s virtual visibility, which is always a win-win.

Find the best dealership near you. No gimmicks and no commitment to buy!