The web has done a lot to bring shoppers better information about the vehicles they can lease or purchase, but it’s a drag to find. We created Dealership Locator as a way to increase dealer visibility, without bogging buyers down with ads or useless details.
It’s a free service for shoppers who want to know which brands are sold in their neighborhood without feeling pressured to fill out a form. For dealers, it’s an opportunity to gain more exposure on a platform that encourages direct contact with shoppers.

Tim Schriber

Tim is the marketing guy who has worked for various agencies for the past ten years. He got tired of working for other companies and wanted to start his own business. When he met Diana three years ago at a barbecue, he knew they would make a great team; however, they still needed a solid product. Once Joey came into the picture at a networking event, that's when they knew it was time to get started.
Fun fact: Tim's plays the banjo in his spare time. Bluegrass is his favorite genre of music.

Diana MacDowell

Diana has a master's degree in Computer Science and loves programming. By the time she met Tim, she had been in the business for a while but wasn't passionate about any of her projects. After a few coffee meetings, she realized that working with Tim would offer her a unique opportunity to be part of a start-up. So she took the plunge!
Fun fact: When Diana isn't programming, she's running at the park with her dog Milo.

Joey Robertson

At the time when he met Diana and Tim, Joey was a sales rep at a car dealership. It was a small store and he quickly saw how inefficiently all the departments ran. Boy was that a mess! He had an idea that a directory might be just what dealerships need, primarily if it was ad-free and took out the third-party leads. He wasn't sure how to go about it, but with Diana's incredible programming skills and Tim's sharp eye, he knew they could build something great. Two years later and here we all are!
Fun fact: Besides everything automotive, Joey's other passion is cooking. No one makes a better Cashew Chicken!

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